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4 News Briefs House passes workplace violence prevention bill 5 | California Tenet RNs win new master contract 6 | Community First RNs unionize 7 | University of Chicago nurses win contract 8 | NNU nurses back Bernie Sanders for 2020 9 | Chicago Ingalls RNs unionize; Reno nurses win new contract 10 | Nurses lead the charge for workplace violence prevention at Sutter Roseville 12 | UC nurses hold rallies on workplace violence prevention 13 | East Campus RNs win union 14 | Salinas Valley RNs win new contract; Washington Hospital nurses approve new agreement; Maine nurses hold vigil for patient safety 15 Year of the Nurse 2019 wins set the stage for a 2020 shaped by nurses' values. By Bonnie Castillo, RN 16 Page Turners Our 2019 book reviews include ones that read like a detective story and others that will make you laugh out loud. 22 Wide Angle A sweeping view through photos of our work in 2019. 30 Editorial Index 2019 We publish so many great articles over the course of a year that it's hard to remember everything we covered. How many different hospitals did nurses unionize? Was the big master contract settled in spring or summer? Find those stories and more in our annual editorial index. (Hint: You can find newly unionized facilities under "organizing" and all contracts under "bargaining.") 33 Legal Notice Contents O C T O B E R | N O V E M B E R | D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 9 W W W . N A T I O N A L N U R S E S U N I T E D . O R G N A T I O N A L N U R S E 3 ON THE COVER: National Nurses United RNs celebrated a historic victory when they helped pass H.R. 1309, a bill to prevent work- place violence among health care and social service workers, through the U.S. House of Representatives with bipartisan support. Photo: Alyssa Schukar. 22 5 10

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