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Facility Leadership CNA/NNU emphasizes building collective power in our facilities over individual representational methods. The Chief Nurse Representative/ Chief Shop Steward The chief nurse representative/chief shop steward is a designated nurse representative/shop stew- ard elected at each facility whose responsibilities include providing leadership for facility-wide issues, recruiting and training nurse representatives/shop stewards, coordinating the nurse representatives'/ shop stewards' activities with the CNA/NNU labor representative, assisting members in processing grievances by serving as a representative, conduct- ing grievance meetings, and attending Nurse Repre- sentative/Shop Steward Council meetings. The Nurse Representative/ Shop Steward CNA/NNU nurse representatives/shop stewards are the backbone of CNA/NNU at your facility. The role of the nurse representative/shop steward is to involve the members in your facility in the ongoing endeavor to protect the provisions of the contract and improve the conditions under which we work to provide quality care. Optimally, every shift and every unit should be represented by a nurse representative/shop steward who is elected by the staff RNs. The nurse represen- tative/shop steward acts on behalf of the interests of the RN members and CNA/NNU. They can assist in your understanding of the contract, serve as an organizer and communication link between nurses in the facility, accompany the nurse in any meeting that the nurse has reason to believe will result in discipline, and investigate and present grievances to management. The Nurse Representative/ Shop Steward Council Every facility should have a Nurse Representative/ Shop Steward Council that comprises all the nurse representatives/shop stewards in the facility. The council meets on a regular basis in meetings chaired by the chief nurse representative/chief shop steward or their designee. The primary purposes of the council are to: » Support the nurse representatives/shop stewards in their roles as organizers, educators, and advocates. » Share information about CNA/NNU, the facil- ity, grievances, and other matters relevant to advancing the interests of our members. » Develop organizing plans around grievances, bargaining, and CNA/NNU programs. » Help mentor newly elected nurse representa- tives/shop stewards. The Professional Practice Committee When practice or staffing issues arise on your unit, first discuss the problem with your Professional Practice Committee (PPC) representative in addi- tion to filling out an Assignment Despite Objection (ADO) form. You can attend your PPC meetings to further discuss the problem where they will analyze your unit's completed ADOs, and plan solutions. The PPC may also submit an information request to the hospital to ensure it has all the facts that might be useful in crafting a solution. Remember that the PPC is empowered by your contract to make changes to improve patient care. Fighting to resolve unsafe conditions is not just a good idea, it is the law. Get Involved Make a Difference in Your Facility 40 RNs in Motion

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