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Facility Bargaining Council The Facility Bargaining Council (FBC) is the crucial link between the negotiating team and all nurses in the bargaining unit, with representatives from every shift and unit. The council is responsible for com- munications between the bargaining team and the RNs in the facility. The FBC distributes bargaining surveys to every bargaining unit RN to gather opinions on the full array of facility-wide and unit-specific issues. The results of these surveys, along with general meetings and one-on-one conversations, help to determine bargaining priorities. Getting nurses involved and keeping them informed is key to a good contract. Negotiating Team The FBC elects the nurse negotiating team. The size of the team is based on the number of RNs in the bargaining unit at your facility. The elected nurse negotiating team and a CNA/NNU labor represen- tative sit across the table from management. CNA/ NNU provides orientation and training. The nego- tiating team keeps nurses informed through the distribution of regular bargaining updates. Hospital System-Specific Joint Bargaining and Leadership Councils CNA/NNU has been successful in the creation of statewide master bargaining for most of the major hospital systems in California. Joint bargaining across facilities allows us to standardize our best language for patient care standards. 41

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