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26 N AT I O N A L N U R S E W W W. N AT I O N A L N U R S E S U N I T E D . O R G O C T O B E R | N O V E M B E R | D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 1 Workplace violence prevention tips [sidebar to Quality Control]. July/August/September p. 19. NNU calls on FTC to investigate new RN contracts. October/November/December p. 10. O OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY NNU sponsors federal bill to prevent workplace violence. January/February/March p. 4. MNA President Mary Turner, RN to serve on Biden-Harris task force. Said she is proud to represent nurses on group advising on Covid-19 equity. January/February/March p. 5. Nurses at Community First Medical Center hold vigil to demand stronger health and safety protections for Covid-19. January/February/ March p. 10. New habits die hard. NNU nurses across the country campaign and struggle to reclaim proper infection control practices for single-use PPE. April/May/June p. 15. Nurses win OSHA emergency temporary standard. The ETS is the first national enforceable Covid-19 standard. July/August/September p. 4. Nurses at Maine Medical Center held a press conference to urge employer to maintain Covid-19 protections begun in 2020. July/August/September p. 15. Quality Control: Nurses find that key components of successful workplace violence prevention programs are education, reassessment, and refinement. July/August/September p. 16. Workplace violence prevention tips [sidebar to Quality Control]. July/August/September p. 19. RNs urge OSHA to issue permanent Covid-19 standard. October/November/December p. 6. ORGANIZATION Care at the Core. At NNU's 2021 convention, nurse leaders reimagined society with new priorities based on human need. October/November/December p. 16. Be it resolved. Resolutions passed by delegates at the 2021 NNU convention. October/November/December p. 18. Leaders of the PAC. How NNU nurses pool and flex their power at the national level. October/November/December p. 22. ORGANIZING As pandemic continues, Michigan nurses keep voting union yes. Two new facilities have successfully unionized. January/February/March p. 7. Northern California Sutter RNs unionize: Center for Psychiatry in Sacramento, Sutter Coast in Cresent City. January/February/March p. 9. John Muir Behavioral Health Center nurses vote to unionize. January/February/March p. 10. Union victory in Maine. RNs at Maine's largest hospital vote to form first- ever union. April/May/June p. 4. P PROFILES What doesn't kill you. Four nurse survivors of Covid-19 tell their stories of incredible grit, determination, and resilience. January/February/ March p. 12. In Memoriam. Honoring our NNU members who died on the front lines of Covid-19: Amelia Agbigay Baclig, Marjorie Imperial, Regina Yumang. January/February/March p. 20. In Memoriam. Honoring our NNU members who died on the front lines of Covid-19: Dan Malone, Thomas Picchi. July/August/September p. 22. R RATIOS See Staffing REGISTERED NURSE RESPONSE NETWORK (RNRN) Dose of hope. RNRN volunteers help administer vaccines to thousands in underserved Los Angeles community. April/May/June p. 12. S SOCIAL JUSTICE AND EQUITY California passes implicit bias training law for new nurses. October/November/December p. TK. Nurses say implement Covid-19 pandemic equity task force recommendations. October/November/December p. 8. Doing Justice. National Nurses United launches new Division of Social Justice and Equity. October/November/December p. 19. STAFFING Nurses defeat industry efforts to undermine safe staffing ratios. After RN pushback, state discontinues waivers. p. 6 Michigan RNs share powerful stories in congressional briefing. April/May/June p. 5. Federal safe staffing ratios bill introduced. April/May/June p. 6 Minnesota nurses picket for safe staffing. April/May/June p. 7. Nursing at a crossroads. The health care industry is looking to exploit Covid-19 by making permanent the crisis standards of care we tolerated. It's up to nurses to collectively defend our profession. April/May/June p. 20. The truth about the Twin Cities' health care bed shortage. July/August/September p. 14. Nurses at Carondelet St. Mary's hold press conference on unsafe staffing at facility. July/August/September p. 15. MountainView Hospital RNs hold informational picket on safe staffing. Nurses July/August/September p. 15. Nurses urge federal government to address hospital staffing crisis. October/November/December p. 9. STRIKES See Bargaining W WORKPLACE ISSUES See Occupational Health and Safety 2021 EDITORIAL INDEX

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