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It's always a good time to earn CE credits! Exploring the Origins of the Nurse Staffing Crisis This course will examine the root causes of the so-called "nursing shortage," including the increased corporatization of health care and the continued devaluation of nursing labor that has left our health care system ill-equipped to handle public health threats like Covid-19. We will analyze the com- pounding effects of deliberate understaffing practices, from hazardous working conditions, harrowing moral distress, and escalating racial and gender inequity for nurses and patients. Finally, the class will offer a range of structural solutions to this manufactured crisis rooted in the demand for safe, sus- tainable, and equitable workplaces. Home All Alone (two-part series) Part 1: Assessing the Risks of the Acute Hospital Care at Home Trend Health systems across the country are implementing so-called "Hospital at Home" programs. These programs transfer pa- tients in need of acute care from the hospital setting to the home, where care is provided through a combination of remote monitoring, third-party contractors, and untrained members of the patient's household. This course will analyze the drivers of this growing industry trend; assess the potential risks of the acute hospital care at home model to nurses, patients, and communities; and explore what the unchecked expansion of these programs could mean for the future of health care. Part 2: Preserving Patient Advocacy and Protecting RN Scope of Practice This course will examine the "Hospital at Home" model of care delivery and describe why it is a threat to the scope of practice for Nursing as well as an attempt to remove the RN from the role of patient advocate. We will explore how this new model threatens health equity by creating a two-tiered care system and ultimately places undue burdens on both the patient and their caregivers at home. RNs will gain an understanding of this restructuring scheme and how to organize around this issue as a patient advocate. Sign up today for one of our national continuing education courses. Free for all members of National Nurses United. Visit for all dates, more information, and how to register.

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