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15 RECENTLY ORGANIZED RNS SPEAK USING OUR COLLECTIVE VOICES TO DEMAND RESPECT "As union members, we feel empowered to use our voices and advocate for ourselves. We have pushed back against an admin- istration and company that has mistreated and undervalued nurses for a long time. Since we joined CNA, one of the biggest changes has been a more competitive pay scale. Also, during the pandemic, CNA has been there to demand management step up and work harder to protect all of us." — Sofia Rivera, RN West Anaheim Medical Center, Anaheim, Calif. NURSE RETENTION, ECONOMIC IMPROVEMENT "Before Chinese Hospital RNs formed a union with CNA, our wages and ben- efits had been stagnant, staffing was not based on acuity, and we were losing our experienced bilingual nurses. We are proud that we fought for a contract that includes economic gains and benefits that will help us recruit and retain experienced nurses, and a guarantee that we can address staffing concerns directly with management." — Geraldine Leung, RN Chinese Hospital San Francisco, Calif. PROTECTING PATIENTS AND NURSES THROUGH UNITY "Our choice to become part of CNA was not about being 'anti-management.' It is about being pro-nurse, and about nurses having a voice and a place at the table to make decisions about the quality of patient care and nursing at our hospital." — Laura Dixon, RN Sutter Center for Psychiatry Sacramento, Calif. ADVOCATING FOR OUR PATIENTS "After our landslide victory in joining California Nurses Association, we are now more united than ever to advocate for continuing to improve patient care and providing quality and safe services to our patients." — Kamal Kaur, RN Doctors Hospital of Manteca, Manteca, Calif. 93 PERCENT ELECTION VICTORY RATE 95 PERCENT FIRST CONTRACT RATE Organizing with CNA/NNU »

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