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Edit Index_FINAL 12/22/10 6:18 PM Page 19 When the Going Gets Tough. Washington, D.C. RN and NNU exec- utive council member Sandy Falwell. October p. 26. Tribute to Cynthia Barraca Palomata, an RN killed while on the job. November p. 15. PUBLIC HEALTH Successful push back on Minnesota governor's plan to decimate healthcare for the poor. March p. 7. Unconventional Medicine. Some nurses are taking their work out of the hospital and into the community. March p. 19. Eastern Maine Medical Center nurses win staffing changes. March p. 13. Northern Illinois RNs gather to discuss staffing ratio bills. March 15. Study: Staffing ratios save lives. April p. 6. Patient care rally hits home for Borgess Medical Center RNs. April p. 9. Florida RNs support Florida Hospital Patient Protection Act of 2010. April p. 14. RNs at University of Chicago Medical Center demand improved staffing. April p. 14. University of California nurses continue protests over unsafe staffing. May p. 7. [R] RATIOS See Staffing RETIREMENT The Great Social Security and Medicare Robbery. Congress is con- spiring to but benefits for future generations of seniors. Nurses are fighting back. June p. 12. Cambridge Hospital violated law by slashing nurses' retiree health benefits. September p. 7. Senior nurses have long memories. Retired RNs continue their Florida RNs hold march for ratios. May p. 13. Ohio RNs push hospitals to make staffing numbers public. May p. 13. Florida RNs lobby for ratios at the local level. June p. 10. Ohio RNs participate in nurse staffing workgroup while pushing for ratios. June p. 10. Florida RNs take local strategy with ratios. July/August p. 9. Augusta, Georgia VA nurses hold picket to protest chronic understaffing. September p. 6. Ohio RNs lobby state nurse staffing workgroup for more mandatory reporting by hospitals. September p. 10. Texas RNs get ready to introduce state ratio bill. November p. 10. STRIKES See Bargaining advocacy. September p. 14. Caritas RNs reach landmark master agreement, pension benefits. [T] November p. 7. Brewing Storm. How the recent push to slash Social Security and Medicare in the name of deficit reduction is really a revocation of the social pacts these programs represent. November p. 16. TECHNOLOGY "Smart rooms" a dumb idea. January/February p. 11. Are You Listening? One hospice nurse reflects on how laptops and other technology interfere with patient care. April p. 17. Antisocial Behavior. Nurses must beware their use of social networking sites, plus suggestions for smart social media use. July/August p. 4. [S] SINGLE-PAYER HEALTHCARE Single-payer fight moves to states. January/February p. 5. [V] Pennsylvania State Senate holds historic hearing on single-payer healthcare bill. January/February p. 12. States stepping toward single-payer. Prospects for single-payer in some states improve after November elections. November p. 9. VETERANS AFFAIRS National VA Council votes to affiliate with NNU. January/February SOCIAL SECURITY See Retirement p. 12. STAFFING Town hall meetings show reality of nurse staffing in Michigan. January/February p. 10. Ohio RNs expand campaign for ratios. January/February p. 11. National safe staffing legislation offers hope for improved patient care. March p. 4. Nurses at Boston-area hospitals protest unsafe staffing. March p. 10. Florida RNs mobilize to improve patient care. March p. 12. DECEMBER 2010 National VA Council proposes policy changes that will grant needle stick victims more info. March p. 16. Veterans Affairs nurses seek new policy to protect needle stick victims. April p. 11. VA nurses fight for bargaining rights. May p. 8. Bill to partially restore VA nurses' rights advances. July/August p. 5. Augusta, Georgia VA nurses hold picket to protest chronic understaffing. September p. 6. Visiting at three VA facilities. November p. 10. ADO trainings and more visits at various VA facilities. December p. 8. W W W. N A T I O N A L N U R S E S U N I T E D . O R G N AT I O N A L N U R S E 19

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