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Cover 4_Oct 11/6/10 2:10 PM Page 28 Need CE Credits? Want to learn about healthcare trends that you won't hear explained anywhere else? Sign up today for one of National Nurses United's continuing education courses! Free for direct-care and staff registered nurses! For more information and to register, please visit nursing-practice/continued-education The Impact of Technology on Professional RN Practice and Safe Staffing Standards Kansas City, Missouri | Dec. 9, 2010 This course examines the effects of technology-driven patient care—which includes the integration of Computerized Physician-Order Entries (CPOE) and computerized care plan and charting systems for financial/billing purposes—on professional RN practice and safe staffing standards. Faculty: Hedy Dumpel, RN, JD, National Chief Director of Nursing Practice and Patient Advocacy and Gerard Brogan, RN The End of Work? Electronic Patient Data Mining in a Crisis Economy California | Offered from January through March 2011 in cities throughout California. Recent technological developments affecting healthcare distribution vividly reflect trends leading to the ongoing U.S. economic crisis. This class will look at these trends, at the history of paid labor in the U.S., and its relation to the growth of the financial sector. How is the productive work of patient care valued in this economic context? And how is health information technology (HIT) being used to increase hospital and insurance company profit margins by rationing that care? In particular, the class will address technologies such as medical credit screening that are used to mine patient data. Outcomes and comparative effectiveness research, key aspects of evidencebased medicine, will be examined. Prior CNA classes about HIT focused on technologies that surveil, deskill, and displace caregivers. This class supplements that analysis by focusing on patient data mining technologies that limit patient care. Those who attended prior classes will find most of this material to be new, but prior classes are not prerequisites. Faculty: Linette Davis, Educator and Research Analyst

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