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Cover 4:JA CE Ad 9/2/09 3:20 PM Page 20 Need CE Credits? Want to learn about the latest challenges to nursing and their solutions? Sign up today for one of the continuing education courses we are offering this fall! Free for direct-care staff RNs. CALIFORNIA AREA MIDWEST AREA Health Information Technology: Panacea or Trojan Horse? Three one-day classes in Chicago! Various dates starting in October Many healthcare reform proponents claim that new health information technologies are the medicine for what ails us, that they will contain costs by increasing efficiency. Why is this claim so frequently repeated despite contradiction by the Congressional Budget Office? This class will examine the interests that stand to gain from broad adoption of health IT (HIT). In addition, the types of HIT that are increasingly affecting RNs will be explored, along with likely impacts on nursing practice over the long term. The class will conclude with strategies for patient advocacy in the face of technological restructuring. If you attended last season's technology class, The Healing Touch, this course will expand your understanding in new directions; you will still find much of interest here. Instructor: Linette Davis, CNA/NNOC educator This course is approved for 6.0 cehs For more information and to sign up, look for "CE classes" under the nursing practice section of CNA/NNOC's website at or Staffing Standards for Scope, Ratios, and Acuity Oct. 20, 2009 This class examines CNA/NNOC-sponsored uniform safe staffing standards, which mandate staffing by individual patient acuity with RN ratios as the minimum, and identifies strategies that ensure safe patient care standards, including safe staffing assignments. Preserving the Art and Science of Nursing Oct. 22, 2009 This course will examine the impact of blind reliance on technology on the art and science of the nursing profession; how it (unless stopped) will cause the erosion of skills for the next generation of RNs who will be trained in tasks instead of educated in skills; and how it has the potential of destroying the art and science of professional registered nurses. The Forces of Magnetism Oct. 24, 2009 This course examines how the professional models of care, nursing leadership, and management style promoted by magnet status designation schemes impact the RN's ability to exercise independent professional judgment and advocate in the exclusive interest of the patient. Instructor: Hedy Dumpel, RN, JD, CNA, CNA/NNOC National Chief Director of Nursing Practice and Patient Advocacy Each of these CE courses is approved for 6.0 cehs

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