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Registered Nurse July-August 2009

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Contents FEATURES 11 Open Books We read so you don't have to (as much). Our annual summer book review special covers everything from the U.S. healthcare crisis to the spiritual side of medicine and healing. 18 Getting Results Brenda Langford, RN has always focused on getting results for patients. By Lucia Hwang DEPARTMENTS 4 News Briefs RNs warn that hospitals are not prepared for swine flu; CNA/NNOC holds national convention in September; CNA/NNOC RNs help shape global HIV and AIDS policies at ILO; RNs in San Jose and Concord, Calif. settle new contracts; Kaiser RNs win fight to save after-hours clinic, for now; Chicagoland RNs distribute school supplies in Bud Billiken Parade; Maine RNs support state takeover of community hospital; Ohio RNs garner support for federal ratios bill; Texas nurses witness prosecution of whistle-blower Winkler RNs. 18 10 Single-Payer Pearls Before Swine How the national healthcare debate is missing the connection between expanding Medicare for all and a strong defense against H1N1. By Rose Ann DeMoro 4 on the cover: Reiko Furuya, an RN at St. Luke's Hospital in San Francisco, Calif., protests at an Aug. 5 rally in front of the University of California San Francisco Medical Center against many hospitals' inadequate infection control protocols for swine flu. Photo by Lauren Reid. J U LY | A U G U S T 2 0 0 9 W W W. C A L N U R S E S . O R G REGISTERED NURSE 3

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