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Bylaws.2:Text to Black 5/29/09 9:59 AM Page 35 nate is properly credentialed and such alternate shall then have all the powers of a delegate and be seated with the delegation; and, c, May, if the alternate list is exhausted and vacancies remain, appoint as alternates other members of that region who are in attendance and properly credentialed. NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS Ballot Committee 1. Insofar as possible, the Ballot Committee members shall be representative of diversified interest or occupational groups. 2. The Ballot Committee shall meet to consider the CNA ticket at least nine (9) months preceding the House of Delegateseach regular Convention meeting. FINANCIAL 1. Expenses incurred in carrying out the duties of CNA elective or appointed positions shall be reimbursed as determined by the CNA Board. 2. The president shall be reimbursed for percentage of time worked while performing the duties of the office as defined in these bylaws and approved by the CNA Board within the financial capabilities of the organization. 3. All requests involving expenditure of general funds shall be submitted to the Finance Committee for its recommendation prior to CNA Board action. (Finance Article and Board Article.) 4. Reports of the CNA audit shall be published in the CNA periodical within sixty (60) days after completion. M AY 2 0 0 9 W W W. C A L N U R S E S . O R G REGISTERED NURSE 35

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