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Contents FEATURES 12 Hail to the Nurse RNs are taking patient advocacy to the next level as they run for public office, and win. By Sarah Clark DEPARTMENTS 4 News Briefs Vegas-area RNs join CNA/NNOC; 2009 is a big bargaining year for RNs with Catholic chains; dramatic agreement with SEIU paves way for national RN movement; RNs lobby to make White House consider single-payer healthcare reform; bills to watch in CNA/NNOC states; CPMC RNs file suit to restore medical benefits; Illinois RNs throw one-two punch for single-payer and RN ratios; Maine RNs tell White House that patients need single-payer; Ohio opens new office; federal judge orders Fremont-Rideout to bargain. 12 11 Not Immune Think RNs are immune from recession layoffs? Think again. By Rose Ann DeMoro 4 on the cover: Las Vegas-area St. Rose Dominican RNs (from left) Carrie Carter, Charlotte Tyler, Portia Fiesta, Relaida Valdez, Peggy Jerles, and Rachel Chao overwhelmingly voted to join CNA/NNOC in April. Catholic Healthcare West RN colleagues, such as Richard Sandness, helped provide organizing support for the victory. Photo by Charles Idelson. APRIL 2009 W W W. C A L N U R S E S . O R G REGISTERED NURSE 3

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