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Registered Nurse January-February 2009

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Contents FEATURES 12 RN Nation CNA/NNOC joins forces with United American Nurses and Massachusetts nurses to form super union 13 Keeping Secret Codes Many are hailing the country's first law banning discrimination based on a person's genetic code as a breakthrough for medicine and civil rights, but can the law protect the patients who need it most? By Heather Boerner 18 Grace Under Fire As Donna Gerber retires after 16 years with CNA/NNOC, we pause to review her career and honor her contributions. By Lucia Hwang 13 DEPARTMENTS 4 News Briefs UC RNs address staffing problems in new contract; Cook County RN activist, Bernice Faulkner, dies at 73; Hospital Corporation of America is stirring up trouble in communities across the country; Two flawed ratio studies provide fodder for industry attacks; RNs lead single-payer fight; New study shows that adopting single-payer healthcare can help revive U.S. economy; Cook County RNs watchdog county budget; Florida RNs hold ratio summit; Philadelphia RNs try to prevent cuts to vital services; Texas RNs gearing up lobbying for ratio bill. 11 If We Build It, RNs Will Come CNA/NNOC joins United American Nurses and the Massachusetts Nurses Association to form country's largest RN union in history. By Rose Ann DeMoro 6 JANUARY | FEBRUARY 2009 W W W. C A L N U R S E S . O R G REGISTERED NURSE 3

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