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Registered Nurse September 2008

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Contents FEATURES 14 Unhealthy Gamble Conservatives are banking on health savings accounts to expand insurance for Americans, but experience and research shows they are a losing bet for patients' health and pocketbooks. Just who is really benefiting from HSAs? By Heather Boerner 18 Beyond Her Years Though RN Jan Rodolfo is among CNA/NNOC's younger board members, she has already proved to be a seasoned activist and leader. By Lucia Hwang DEPARTMENTS 4 News Briefs Sutter RNs settle most outstanding contracts, but work not over; Reno nurses win first Nevada contract, California-style ratios; RNs rally single-payer groups at Democratic convention; Passing guaranteed healthcare means electing good candidates; Labor Day celebrations; Cook County RNs fight on for public health; San Jose nurses protest HCA property tax refund; Millinocket Regional Hospital settles contract. 14 13 McCain-Palin? Top 10 reasons to count me out of a McCain-Palin administration. By Rose Ann DeMoro 4 SEPTEMBER 2008 W W W. C A L N U R S E S . O R G REGISTERED NURSE 3

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