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Registered Nurse July-August 2008

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Contents FEATURES 10 Writing on the Walls America's healthcare crisis is spawning a publishing glut of books related to medicine, hospitals, providers, and policy. We've reviewed some of the most interesting ones you'll want to know about, and the ones you need to know about. 18 Don't Get Mad, Get Blogging Online blogs are a way for nurses to reach way beyond their workplaces and communities to educate others about the healthcare crisis and real solutions. Learn why nurses should blog and how to get started. By David Welch, RN 22 Social Responsibility CNA/NNOC board member Maureen Dugan, RN was raised with the ethics of serving her local San Francisco community. By Erika Larson 18 DEPARTMENTS 4 News Briefs With our nation's healthcare in shambles, it's critical to take a closer look at how the presidential candidates are proposing to fix the system; Cook County RNs fight multiple fronts in contract negotiations and patient care; Medicare turns 43, but under privatization attack; CNA/NNOC creates new fund to support candidates who support Medicare for all; Aroostook Medical Center nurses get big wins in new contract; Texas nurses gear up to launch Patient Protection Act; Cypress-Fairbanks RNs make headway in contract talks. 9 Shooting Yourself in the Foot With the public demanding real change in our healthcare system, why is Health Care for America Now giving up on real reform right out of the gate? By Rose Ann DeMoro Check out our upcoming September issue for news about major breakthroughs in contract bargaining for 4,000 Sutter Health RNs. J U LY | A U G U S T 2 0 0 8 W W W. C A L N U R S E S . O R G 22 Maureen Dugan, RN REGISTERED NURSE 3

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