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Registered Nurse March 2008

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Cover 4:Final 3/17/08 10:12 AM Page 24 ES NEW CE CLASS THIS SPRING! More Continuing Education Classes are Coming Your Way! Is your workplace helping or hurting your mission as an RN? Come learn how work relations influence your role as patient advocate Nursing Contexts: Caring as Effective Patient Advocacy With the professional knowledge and extended contact necessary to recognize a patient's care needs, the RN is uniquely positioned to ensure that those needs are met. For this reason, patient advocacy is the heart of the RN mission of patient care. How can work relationships in a healthcare institution be structured to enable nurses to fulfill this mission, representing the best interests of patients within the institution and in its larger social context as well? This class will introduce participants to a variety of models of work relations and explore their implications for patient advocacy. Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to: define patient advocacy; identify features of the predominant models organizing work relations in healthcare institutions; and articulate the relationship between such models and RN patient advocacy. Instructor: Linette Davis 6.0 contact hours Nearly 30 dates and locations throughout California Classes run from March 4 through May 28 Get class details and sign up online by visiting ceclasses/

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