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See the Movie Join the Movement The year's most talked-about movie is now out on DVD! This summer, CNA/NNOC hosted showings of Michael Moore's SiCKO for tens of thousands of RNs and concerned community members. Many RNs found the film to be a powerful way of educating the wider public about the healthcare injustices nurses witness every day working with patients. SiCKO has reignited the national debate about healthcare in America, a key issue of the 2008 presidential race. Let's keep the momentum going through next month, next year, and however long it takes to make sure everyone in this country gets the medical attention they deserve. Join the movement to go from SiCKO to Sanity: Guaranteed Healthcare for everybody. Here's how: Buy your copy of SiCKO from the CNA/NNOC online store. Besides getting a great movie at a great price, other SiCKO merchandise, such as scrubs, T-shirts, and visors, is also available. Visit for merchandise and information. 1 Host a SiCKO house party! Invite some family, friends, and neighbors, make some popcorn, and pop SiCKO into your DVD player. Discuss the film with your guests, and talk about strategies to provide healthcare to everyone. 2 Join RNs for Guaranteed Healthcare and add your voice to the campaign for SB 840 in California and HR 676 nationally, both of which would establish a single-payer system in the form of an expanded and improved Medicare-for-all. 3 E-mail or send a letter to your state legislator and tell her or him to sign on as a cosponsor to single-payer legislation. Visit and click on "Write Your Representative" to take action today. 4

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