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Registered Nurse October 2006

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Cover 4 10/11/06 10:55 AM Page 1 VOTE "YES" ON PROP. 89 Make politicians accountable to voters—not big money donors Nurses understand the need for genuine healthcare reform. The only way to make that happen: clean up our political process. As long as HMOs, drug companies, and insurance companies are writing the laws in Sacramento, nurses and patients will pay the price. Prop. 89, the Clean Money and Fair Elections Act, changes that, and will: Reduce the influence of lobbyists and special interest groups Allow elections to be about ideas, not fundraising Stop legislative giveaways like the $3.3 billion in corporate tax loopholes that cost the average California household $275 per year. ☛ ☛ ☛ Visit to find out how to get involved Californians for Clean Elections—Yes on 89. Major funding provided by the California Nurses Association. FPPC# 1287451 1-800-440-6877

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