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RNs in Motion—Get Involved A s a member of CNA/NNU, there are many exciting opportunities for involvement at the facility level as a member of your nurse negotiating team, in the legislative process as a local spokesperson, in your community as an educator and public speaker, and throughout the nation with our disaster relief efforts and campaign for universal healthcare reform based on a single standard care for all. Organize Your Facility Organizing your facility is the cornerstone of RN power. See page 13 for more details. Stay Informed: Sign up for Email Alerts Stay informed of the latest developments affecting RN practice and patient care, including how and when to take action. Our e-alerts were critical in mobilizing thousands of RNs to defend California's safe staffing ratios from former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's attacks and in winning the strongest infectious disease precautionary standards in the country after the Ebola outbreak. Sign up by visiting and choose "Get NNU e-alerts" under the "Follow NNU" button at the top. Additionally, you can stay in the loop through CNA/NNOC's social media accounts. Get CNA/NNOC/NNU news in your social media feeds: • Facebook: and • Twitter: @CalNurses and @NationalNurses • Instagram: @CalNurses and @NationalNurses • Our YouTube channels: and • All our latest photos on Flickr: anurses and CE Courses Our CE courses provide the political analysis and framework through which to view the profession of nursing and the world of healthcare that you just won't find anywhere else. Past course topics have included the need for a Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street; National Nurses United's campaign to "Heal America" in order to truly promote patient health by promoting living wage jobs, healthcare for all, educational opportunities, and a clean environment; and nurses' role in the environmental health justice movement. Sign up for CE classes at Volunteer, Donate to CNA/NNU's RN Relief Network (RNRN) After Hurricane Katrina, CNA/NNU was among the first organizations to take action to cut through the inertia and red tape of government and private relief agencies to send more than 300 RNs to staff 25 facili- ties in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi disaster zones. CNA/NNU established the Registered Nurse Response Network (RNRN) in response to the mas- sive showing of RNs wanting to volunteer their help. Since then, we have sent RN volunteers to provide direct care to disaster victims in Haiti, the Philippines, in New York City after Hurricane Sandy, and on medical missions in conjunction with the U.S. military. RNRN now has a national roster of more than 14,000 RNs ready to volunteer when dis- aster strikes again. Sign up at: Influence Public Opinion in Your Community Write a Letter to the Editor For the fifteenth consecutive year, nurses head the Gallup annual poll as the most honest and ethical profession. The latest poll results found that 85 percent of Americans viewed nurses' ethics as "very high" or "high." Letters to the editor are among the best-read sections of any newspaper. Letters are a short, effective way for you to directly reach the public. The voices of nurses are especially important and we provide you with all the tools you need. 19 Liz Cunningham, RNRN volunteer from Washington DC, on the second team aboard the USNS Comfort in 2015. Cunningham took part in a humanitarian mission that visited 11 countries in South and Central America, and the Caribbean. The Organization

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