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What Is NNOC/NNU? A National Movement for RNs 3 More than 100 Years of RN Power 4 Why RNs Vote for NNOC/NNU Better Salaries and Benefits 6 New Standards for RNs and Patient Protection 7 RN Safe Staffing Ratios 8 A Secure Retirement 9 Voice and Respect 10 A Legally-Binding Contract 11 Organizing with NNOC/NNU Newly Organized RNs Speak 12 Organizing: How It Works 13 Your Right to Organize 14 Case Studies in Collective Action 15 The Organization Nursing Practice 16 Legislative Advocacy 17 What About Strikes? 18 RNs in Motion — Get Involved 19 INSIDE NNOC/ NNU 101 FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HOW YOU CAN JOIN: Email us at or call 1-800-540-3603 Please visit our website at

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