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Calling All RNs! In this, the wealthiest nation in the world, millions of Americans go without adequate healthcare. As caregivers, you hear the economic horror stories from your patients every day. You see the chronic symptoms that could be prevented. Poverty and near-poverty are consuming the population, and people are getting sick from it. As working Americans, you see the effects of an unhealthy economy and a broken healthcare system on your families, your communities, and on you individually. How is the economic crisis impacting your life at home, in your hospital, and in your community? Submit your story to Tell Us Where It Hurts at Your stories will form the heart of the Nurses Campaign to Heal America, and will power the engine that drives a renewed effort to ensure access to affordable quality healthcare through Medicare for All. All stories remain confidential unless we have your written consent to publish. The Nurses Campaign to Heal America is a project of National Nurses United.

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