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Registered Nurse May 2007

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TOC:1 6/7/07 2:55 PM Page 3 Contents FEATURES 10 Inside Job In her 33 years as a registered nurse working in California prisons, Joey Upland has seen it all. What she's witnessed both terrifies and keeps her there, struggling to reform the prison medical system from within. Find out how and why nurses like her stay, and what radical reforms under way now mean for inmate care. By Erin FitzGerald 20 Fighting Two Fronts Cynthia Campbell, RN had enough to deal with when she learned she had two rare cancers. But getting her short-term insurance policy to cover her treatment was another battle altogether. Now the clock is running out on her remaining coverage and she's uninsurable. Is this any way to treat patients? By Lucia Hwang 10 DEPARTMENTS 4 News Briefs In May, CNA/NNOC RNs staged a historic rally for guaranteed healthcare; no ratios this year, but Maine RNs learn from fight; learn the latest about pending California legislation that could affect yourself and your patients; Illinois gets a single-payer bill, and Texas RNs regroup for 2009 on ratios; UC RNs begin 2007 bargaining. 9 Sharp Focus With the new Michael Moore movie SiCKO, nurses have a one-of-akind opportunity to transform the healthcare debate. By Rose Ann DeMoro 4 on the cover: Lily de Jesus, RN of UC San Diego Medical Center cheers with other supporters of a national health plan at a May 8 rally in Sacramento, Calif. Photograph by Lucia Hwang. M AY 2 0 0 7 W W W. C A L N U R S E S . O R G REGISTERED NURSE 3

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